documenting test architecture

Documenting test architecture: Part 3 – There’s even a better way to draw your framework

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve recently discussed documenting test architecture and creating a system landscape diagram for the continuous testing process using the Structurizr tool. If you remember, we started with just 2 boring blocks on the initial chart (a QA engineer and the app under test), But in the end, it grew into a…

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documenting test architecture - part 2

Documenting test architecture: Part 2 – There is a Right Way!

Alright, ladies and gentlemen! In the previous blog post, I described my recent challenge: the absence of a common approach in documenting test architecture and the potential solution to this challenge. Today, let’s take some practical steps and try to solve at least a part of the challenge using the C4 model + Structurizr bundle….

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Documenting test architecture: Part 1 – Is there a right way?

Recently, I had an opportunity to visualize the continuous testing process and explain it in simple terms (possibly, without using too many words). It was challenging, first of all, because I was uncertain who would eventually see my drawing, and whether they would have enough context to comprehend it clearly. I somehow managed to accomplish…

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