Hi! I'm Viktor

Welcome to my website! Good to see you. Here, I share my expertise in the software testing domain and publish materials on various topics (such as testing tools, automation frameworks, different approaches and strategies, and many more).

I do believe that everyone can find a lot of useful information here. And, shh - a lot of even more interesting things are coming soon! Are you looking forward to that? I certainly am.

Area of my expertise

Test automation

Modern software testing challenges require lots of processes to be automated. But not only that – among other things, test automation needs to respond to changes quickly, i.e be scalable and easily maintainable. I profess these principles while designing and implementing test frameworks.


Software quality has many aspects, and the crucial one is security. In this case, there is much more at stake and the price of error might be tremendously high. I believe in the test automation that goes along with the shift-left security pipeline, so they serve their essential goal together: robust software that makes users happy.

Proactive quality assurance

Software testing is not only about finding bugs. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Preventing defects from happening is a significant part of the QA specialist’s responsibilities. I work with engineers closely in the very early stages of software development to make a quality mindset a part of the engineering culture.

Reporting solutions

Tests pass and sometimes fail – that’s their nature. When they fail, a development team should have as much information as possible to find the root cause of a failure. Historical data and reports are no less critical as well. I believe in test reporting solutions and make them an integral part of my solutions.